About Outcomes Express

Outcomes Express

Outcomes Express is an advanced software package that helps organizations serve their clients, and it tracks, measures, and reports on the outcome of those efforts. The result is clear insight on the day-to-day success of these core efforts.

Outcomes Express is highly intelligent and responsive, able to watch over case management, service plans, training, and employment services. It is designed to reduce staff time by up to 80% on things like intake forms, reporting, enrollment, and attendance.

Client Information

Supercharge tracking of client information. Add custom fields, enter notes, log contact hours, and track referrals to internal or external agencies. 

Screenshot Outcomes Express Client Profile

Custom Fields and Forms

Create custom forms based on your existing printed ones, making data entry a much more pleasant activity for staff. Save hours by printing forms with client information pre-filled.

Report Builder Interface

Service Plan

Create and track short-term and long-term goals, map tasks necessary to accomplish those goals, and, importantly, measure and report hard data on the outcomes of services provided. 

Service Plan Screen

Client Notes

Enter client notes and log hours. System generated notes save time by automatically creating notes for certain actions.

Screenshot of Outcomes Express Client Notes

Event Management

Create and manage events, like training classes, job fairs, orientation meetings, etc. The Event Manager makes it easy to do client registration, take attendance, and track hours.

Screenshot of Outcomes Express Event Manager

Employment Services

Maintain a list of employers and jobs. Simplify matching clients (applicants) with jobs using the built-in skills matching system.

Easily track and report on referrals, interviews, placements, and retentions.

Service Plan Screen


Built-in reports and ad-hoc custom reports provide the information needed to meet goals and provide feedback to sponsors or other funders. Reports are easy to create and exportable to Excel, Word, or PDF.

If you’re interested and want to learn more about Outcomes Express visit the site at app.outcomesexpress.com