About Outcomes


Outcomes is a scalable, program operator database for service provider organizations and government agencies and funders that manage multiple organizations and contracts, with flexible report and oversight capabilities. Outcomes allows to the user to manage different service departments from employment services to evictions prevention to emergency food and help hotline. Outcomes is a client tested information management software with industry acclaimed user friendliness and can provide a productivity boost of up to 80%.

Outcomes is produced to be

the best work environment for

Non Profits

Non profits staff’s and clients benefit from the cutting edges technology provided by Outcomes. Up to 80% of staff time, normally spent on admin tasks, is freed up with our innovative case and contact management functions. That ultimately, leaves more time to actually help clients.

College Career Service Departments

College Career Service Departments have found our staff and applicant systems especially helpful in empowering students and tracking staff interventions and outcomes.

Training Companies

Training Companies’ job placement efforts are monitored and enhanced. Students’ directed and self-directed job searches are powered up, with out exciting web-based application. There is also a complete workshop (or training class) scheduling and tracking program.

Client Information

Track information about clients with the ability to enter notes, log contact hours, track referrals and more.

Client information Page

Service Plan

Create and track short-term and long-term goals, the tasks to accomplish those goals, and importantly measure and report on outcomes of services provided

Service Plan Screen

Client Notes

Enter client notes and log hours. System generated notes save time by automatically creating notes for certain actions.

Client Note Page

Training and Employment Services

Create and manage events like training classes, job fairs, orientation meetings and more. Register clients, take attendance, and track hours. Manage and report on job referrals, interviews, placements, and retentions.

Client Training Screen


Built-in reports provide the information needed to meet goals and provide feedback to sponsors or other funders. Reports are easy to create and exportable to Excel, Word, or PDF.

Staff Reports Screen

If you’re interested and want to learn more about Outcomes visit the site at outcomes.ws